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STAND invites you to the Changemakers Academy Showcase

March 15, 2024

STAND is excited to announce and invite you to the Showcase of the inaugural year of the STAND Changemakers Academy. Over the past five months, 22 participants from 16 countries have thrown themselves into the creation of a global community of advocates, activists and changemakers through STAND's new Academy. 

Come to celebrate and be part of this community, hear about participants' journeys and learn about the creative solutions that have emerged in partnership with Concern Worldwide, Black and Irish, Slí Waterford and Amnesty International. We wish to share some of the magic we have been experiencing over the past few months - don't miss out.  

The Story of the STAND Changemakers Academy

Two years ago, the Suas/STAND team embarked on a journey to rethink its flagship International Volunteer programme in an effort to respond to deepening global fractures exacerbated by environmental crises and a polarising and divisive social, economic and political sphere. The team also recognised the changing landscape in Irish universities: the rich diversity that has emerged on campuses over the past twenty years, third level students’ desire for connection, unification, exploration and mutual learning, and their potential and drive to come together and create solid foundations for a better future. 

The STAND Changemakers Academy was born.   

In September 2023, 22 participants from 16 different countries, who are currently studying on Irish campuses, were selected (Ireland, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Luxembourg, Turkey, US, Palestine, Japan, Cambodia, India, Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Germany). They have come together through their desire to build better. They have spent the last 5 months digging into the root causes of global injustices, developing and practicing skills in advocacy, campaigning and team building, and addressing real world challenges.

They have reflected on their purpose, their drive and the why, what and how behind the change they want to see in the world. Most of all, they have secured the foundations for all of this through their construction of a connected global community.   

We would love for you to join us on 22nd March for the STAND Changemakers Academy inaugural Showcase to celebrate this year’s cohort of Changemakers and witness something better. 

We want to express our thanks and appreciation to Irish Aid and to the Community Foundation of Ireland for their financial support, without which this programme would not be possible. The programme and event is entirely the responsibility of Suas/STAND and does not necessarily represent or reflect the donors’ policy. 

We would also like to extend our thanks to Jigsaw and Global Minds for their support with the design of the programme and to the Irish Council for International Students and Universities of Sanctuary for their collaboration in recruiting participants.