Read our 2023 Annual Report

June 10, 2024

The STAND 2023 Annual Report is now available. 

Read it below with a foreword from our Executive Director, Nina Sachau, and the Chair of the Board, David Moffitt.

around 30 people posing for a photo

STAND Annual Retreat 2023

Dear Friends,

During 2023 we have been affected by and witnessed conflict, near and far, in Gaza, in the Ukraine, in Sudan, and many other places in the world, we continue to be affected by the immensity of the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity, continue to witness gender inequality, racism and systemic economic inequalities locally and globally. The anti-immigrant riots in Dublin in November 2023 spread fear throughout our student networks, many of whom are immigrants themselves or from diverse minority backgrounds. And the cost-of-living crisis continues to be felt acutely by third level students.

We believe that we need to do more than scratch at the surface of these challenges. We invite third level students and recent graduates into a welcoming space where they can dig deep into understanding the complexity and root causes of local and global issues, where they learn to communicate across perspectives, develop empathy and, imagine different futures. We work to create communities of people who don’t emphasise individualism in activism but collective action. 

2023 has been special to us. It was the first year of our five-year organisational strategy, we have seen our team grow and implement an ambitious and exciting programme across campuses, including the pilot of our new STAND Changemakers Academy. We have delivered a new brand, which we are launching with this report. As part of this, we have consulted with many of our stakeholders. It will include us trading as STAND into the future, which is reflective of the changes we have gone through in recent years.

For all those that might be sad to see Suas go, please be assured that Suas is not going anywhere, it is just a name change. Our past stays with us, as we move forward. We take the dedication, commitment, the energy, the community of people with us. Because what never seems to have changed over the years is the sense of community of people who have been with us.

We could not do the work we do without our fantastic staff team, our board of directors, our Student Advisory panel, our partners and the many volunteers across the country and champions across Higher Education Institutions. We thank you all very much. We would also like to thank our funders, Irish Aid, Erasmus Plus, Concern Worldwide, the Community Foundation Ireland - their support is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to working towards our vision and mission in the coming year.