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Global news, student voices. 

Want to write about the issues that matter to you? Join STAND News, our student-led global journalism platform. 

STAND News is a student-run news outlet that focuses on global issues and local-to-global connections. Through articles, videos, and workshops we ask and address questions of justice, equality, and international politics. 

The STAND News team is made up of third-level students and recent graduates who have a keen interest in global issues and creating positive change.

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The vast changes prompted by activism, social media, and the diversification of newsrooms have altered how journalists view objectivity and truth.

Gabriela Gazaniga, STAND News Contributor, ‘Has activism changed the standard of truth in journalism?’

Why join STAND News?

STAND News is a place to write about the issues that matter to you. As part of this team, you’ll improve your writing and communication skills, gain experience in journalism and working with a team of reporters, and inspire our readers to help make our shared world a more just and equal place.

As a STAND News Contributor, you'll be working with a team of over thirty writers and editors to create content about the issues that you care about. 

While most people write articles, your work can take any format so long as it fits with one of our six sections (Culture, Education, Environment, Gender, Migration & Conflict, Politics) and has a focus on local-to-global connections.

Examples of content include:

  • News-style articles;
  • Opinion pieces;
  • Creative writing;
  • Podcasts;
  • Short, informative, Tiktok-style videos;
  • Short films or documentaries;
  • Photo essays;
  • Artwork and comics.

As a STAND News contributor, you will be responsible for:

  • Researching and creating articles, videos or other multi-media content that will be published on the website and social media. (Minimum: one article/contribution per month);
  • Achieving several of the STAND News goals (see above) through your work and placing emphasis on connections and crossover between local and global issues;
  • Working with the STAND News Editor and various Section Editors to edit your pieces and meet deadlines.

You're free to allocate whatever time suits you and your schedule to the programme, but this should add up to 6 hours a month.

You're expected to be active members of the STAND News team for 1 year, but are welcome to stay on board up to 2 years following graduation from any academic programme at a 3rd level institution.

To become a STAND News Contributor, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • Currently enrolled or graduated in the last 2 years from a 3rd level institution (undergraduate, or postgraduate);
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn;
  • An appreciation for STAND’s mission and values;
  • A keen interest in learning about and making connections between local and global issues;
  • Good written communication skills;
  • Good organisational skills with the ability to work to deadlines.

You do not have to have previous journalism experience, but it is preferable. 

STAND News Principles
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Global and Local

STAND News articles link issues across Ireland and internationally, whether it's comparing contexts or tackling a global issue like the climate crisis.

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STAND News is a student-led journalism platform, so all articles are written by students or recent graduates and are written with student readers in mind.

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Articles educate readers about Irish and international socio-political and environmental issues.

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Our content is be timely and up-to-date with current affairs, social issues, and contemporary debates.

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Inspiring Action

Articles inspire action and call the reader to act after reading.

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Factually Accurate

Our content is factually accurate and well-sourced, with sources linked. Articles compile all information, cover all sides of a story, and are respectful.

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Our articles are be accessible to everyone, understanding of difference, well-structured, and use clear language that's easy to understand.

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Campaign Related

When there is a STAND campaign or other form of activism campaign or protests taking place, articles accompany wider promotion and documentation.

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