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The DEFY Collective

The DEFY project unites global justice educators from across Europe in an exploration of "difficult knowledge" and the role of emotion in learning and change.

At its core, DEFY poses a crucial question: How can educators develop the resilience to engage with difficult knowledge and embrace discomfort, and in turn, hold spaces for others—particularly the young people they work with—to do the same?

Through the project we invite youth educators to join us in collectively creating spaces, workbooks, and trainings centred around themes of discomfort, difficult knowledge, and elephants in the room.

During 2023 we engaged in research around the needs of educators, and the project will continue building on this, developing a training manual for youth educators and a European train the trainer programme.

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DEFY is made possible through the support of Erasmus+ and is a collaborative project between STAND (Ireland), Comhlámh (Ireland), finep (Germany), and Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia).  

Deep Dives

The online, monthly 'deep dives' are reflective spaces, loosely structured around a provocation or prompt from a writer, scholar, or activist. We (educators, those interested in education) listen/watch/read together and then share. An opportunity to explore discomfort and 'elephants-in-the-room' that bit more.

The Irish Centre Aid Staff

We currently hold a contract with the Department of Foreign Affairs whereby we provide staff to assist with the delivery of the Irish Aid public awareness programme via the Irish Aid Centre.

The highly qualified team consisting of a coordinator and 6 facilitators works directly in the Irish Aid Centre, delivering Irish Aid awareness raising workshops to schools and other communities. Their work is supported by a robust Child Safeguarding Policy that can be accessed here. You can find out more about the Irish Aid Staff work here.


Niamh Cartwright   


  • Micheal Chanda 
  • Shamsun Nahar Khan 
  • Alejandro Valderrama 
  • Jennifer Cruise 
  • Yvonne Campbell 
  • Carmel Irandoust 
staff from the Irish Aid centre

The Irish Aid Centre team at Africa Day, 2024

L-R: Michael, Carmel, Alejandro, Niamh, Shamsun, Yvonne, Jennifer

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Tailored Courses

We offer bespoke workshops for third level students, recent graduates, academic and administrative staff, student unions and societies across Irish campuses and corporate staff.

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STAND News Programme

Want to write about the issues that matter to you? Join STAND News, our student-led global journalism platform. 

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