Ideas Collective

Do you think change is possible? Do you have the seeds of an idea but not sure where to start? Then the Ideas Collective is for you.

The Ideas Collective is STAND's social incubator summer programme for students and recent graduates. We take participants on 3 months of training, mentorship and coaching to help you build, test and implement your idea for social or environmental change.   

Through immersive weekend sessions, you'll dive deep into the root cause of global issues, examine personal values and purpose, and harness the power of design thinking.  

You'll also develop skills in pitching, presentation, communication, and marketing. Connect with like-minded peers passionate about global perspectives and driven to make a difference, forming lasting bonds within the vibrant STAND community.   

The programme culminates in a Showcase in early September, where you'll have the chance to pitch your project to win seed funding.  

Applications for the 2024 Ideas Collective are now closed. Register your interest below for 2025.

You must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • Be resident in the Island of Ireland; 
  • Be enrolled in an Irish third-level institution OR be a recent graduate of an Irish third-level institution (up to one year); 
  • Commit at least 3 hours/week (outside the workshops) to working on your project; 
  • Be committed to exploring issues from a global perspective, be ready to dig deep into the problem you are addressing and be open to having your assumptions challenged.

Over three weekends in July and August, you will explore the Global Issues that creates a foundation, and perhaps the perspective for your project, how the change you want to make may affect society. You will examine your own purpose and values to ensure that the action you take aligns to your beliefs. You will gain Communication and Marketing skills and Pitching and Presenting Skills. Best of all, you will meet 23 other participants who share you will come to call your tribe and you will be part of the STAND community. 

At the end of the programme, participants pitch their projects at the final Showcase event to try to win seed funding.

You don’t need a fully developed idea or project to apply – but you should have the seeds of one! Even if you don’t have a fully refined idea, we encourage applicants to think about what your project might look like, so that you have something to work with when you sign up.

Ask yourself – what is the problem or issue that I am trying to address? How might I go about addressing it? And does it relate to one or more of the thematic areas?

We also welcome participants with a more developed idea or project who are in the early stages of implementation and are ready to take it to the next level. Keep in mind that your idea is likely to evolve or change over the course of the programme!

You should have an idea in mind to work on during the Ideas Collective, should you get a space, and this idea should form part of your application. 

The idea should centre around one of the Sustainable Development Goals. They could range from a project tackling fast fashion to projects on anti-racism to projects centring on global health and well-being. Our goal is to help you bring that idea alive and keep it ticking impactfully. If you would like to check out some previous projects, you can do here.

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Ideas Collective Showcase, 2023. Image: Erin Kehoe.

The Ideas Collective taught me that all ideas are worthwhile, but true positive change requires resilience, empathy, reflection and action. I believe that the skills, knowledge and connections I have acquired throughout the programme will help me in my professional and personal life.

2023 participant

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Ideas Collective Showcase 2023

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