Global Issues Courses

Looking to increase your ability to think critically, build a strong community with your peers and work to change your life and the world around you? Then our courses are for you.

Is this the world you were promised? Where 1% of people own half of the world's wealth? And where mammal, bird, fish, reptile, and amphibian populations have dropped by almost 75% since 1970?  

Imagine that bringing about social change wasn't as hard as you thought. Would that affect whether you got involved? Would you make sure your voice was heard? Social change – and a better world – happens when a mere 25% of people get behind an idea. 

It can be difficult to know how to get involved and where to start. That is why we've designed the STAND Global Issues courses. These courses are a way for students to deepen their understanding on specific topics within global development through a series of evening sessions with expert facilitators.

Upon finishing the courses, participants receive a certificate of completion, adding value to their CVs and recognising their commitment to understanding and addressing global challenges. 

I now can examine complex issues and evaluate different perspectives and solutions. Most importantly, I have developed a sense of global citizenship and responsibility, which has encouraged me to engage with global issues and become an active agent of change in my community”

2023 participant

Key Features

  • Opportunity to join a growing network of like-minded individuals 
  • Attend interactive workshops and engage in thought-provoking discussions 
  • Explore issues you care about through reflection, debate, and action
students at a workshop


Our courses are open to students and recent graduates from third-level institutions across the Island of Ireland. Regardless of your major, if you're passionate about global issues, you're welcome to join us. 

Ready to take the first step towards becoming a global citizen?

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