Welcome to STAND Student Festival! For over a decade, we've been igniting campuses across Ireland with award-winning exhibitions, engaging events, and initiatives aimed at raising awareness about pressing global issues.

The STAND Student Festival has been coming to campuses across Ireland for over a decade, showcasing award-winning photography, art exhibitions, and engaging events. Spanning around 16 campuses annually, this student-led initiative aims to raise awareness about pressing global issues. 

At the core of the festival is an inspiring exhibition designed to spark conversations, encourage learning, and empower students to drive meaningful change. Each year, the exhibition is crafted in collaboration with STAND's Student Advisory Panel, featuring compelling artwork and stories curated to provoke thought and action.  

For the upcoming 2024-2025 exhibition, STAND is partnering with the African Leadership University in Rwanda to showcase changemakers from campuses across Ireland and many countries in Africa. Positioned prominently on campuses, the exhibition engages an audience of approximately 20,000 individuals annually, drawing attention to critical themes and inspiring viewers to explore further and join efforts for positive change.

In addition to the exhibition, the STAND Info Booth serves as a hub for information and engagement, staffed by dedicated volunteers and STAND staff. The booth provides details on festival events and upcoming STAND programmes which invite students to delve deeper into global issues.  

Throughout the week-long event, STAND collaborates where possible with students to host a variety of related activities, including workshops, performances, and interactive sessions, catering to diverse interests and fostering a vibrant atmosphere of learning and activism on campuses across Ireland. 


2023 Festival Launch. Photo: Erin Kehoe.

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Past Exhibitions
Noor Ul Ain
2023-2024: Stories of Change
Person holding pride flag
2022: #GenderJusticeNow
Illustration of black people smiling
2021: #RiseUp Celebrating Resilience
screenshot of the virtual exhibition
2020: #StandUp for Migrants
Sunny patio where two children sit on the floor
2019: The Impact of Climate Change
A Rohingya mother Lal Moti and her child, Osmaitara
2018: Identity and Discrimination
Two queer people kissing in front of a wall that says 'yes' painted in the colours of the pride flag
2017: Refugee Rights
A wedding happening in a refugee camp
2016: Migration