STAND celebrates the power of ordinary people to change the world. We support third-level students to stand up for justice and equality, learn more about important global issues, and find out what they can do to take positive action.

We do this by running a range of activities in collaboration with students at third-level campuses across Ireland. We are now looking to expand our team and build on our existing support to empower more students across Ireland to STAND for what they believe in.

We are a not-for-profit initiative run by the educational development charity Suas. As part of our strategic planning work here in Suas, we are reviewing our internship policies and procedures to align with good practice from September onwards. You can check out our latest volunteer opportunities below and subscribe to our newsletter if you’d like to keep up to date on application deadlines and new student vacancies.


STAND News Contributor


The aim of STAND News is to provide a dynamic space for students in Ireland to learn more about global issues while focusing on stories of justice, equality and international development. Our team consists of voluntary students and recent graduates who come from a range of backgrounds but all have one thing in common: a keen interest in global issues and creating positive change.

Our articles and content are focused on sharing what we learn about the connections between local and global issues. We remain committed to the spirit of student activism that drives us to hold this space for young voices and the dialogues we hope to nurture. We hope to foster compassionate perspectives and action in solidarity with our community of writers, readers, and beyond.


Stand News contributors research, write and edit features and articles for use on our News website. Contributors are able to explore topics of their own interest as well as supporting the development of priority articles identified by the STAND News Editors. All work published with STAND News is expected to align with our core values and place emphasis on connections and crossover between local and global issues. Contributors will work with the STAND News Editor and various Section Editors. They also have access to regular trainings by industry professionals and experts to support their continued growth as writers and activists. This is a voluntary position.

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