STAND celebrates the power of ordinary people to change the world. We support third-level students to stand up for justice and equality, learn more about important global issues, and find out what they can do to take positive action.

We do this by running a range of activities in collaboration with students at third-level campuses across Ireland. We are now looking to expand our team and build on our existing support to empower more students across Ireland to STAND for what they believe in.

We are a not-for-profit initiative run by the educational development charity Suas. Find out more about our available opportunities below.

STAND Programme Evaluation


STAND Programme Evaluation 

Request for Quotation and Terms of Reference 

Part 1: Request for Quotation  

  1. About Suas  

Suas is an ambitious, education-focused social change organisation that supports programmes in  Ireland, India, Kenya and Zambia. Our work focuses on Global Citizenship education, currently through two main programmes: Our STAND programme and our International Volunteer Programme, which both seek to increase third-level students’ awareness, understanding and action on a range of global justice issues. We are Irish Aid’s strategic partner for third level Global Citizenship Education.


a) Request for quotation (RFQ) published: 09/07/2021

b) Closing date for receipt of quotation: 05/09/2021

c) Contract award forecast: 10/09/2021

d) Start of work: from 27/09/2021 (upon agreement)  e) Work completion: 31/12/2021

  1. Consultancy service description  

Suas is looking to recruit an experienced consultant or consultant team to facilitate an evaluation of our Irish Aid funded STAND programme and Global Citizenship aspects of our international  Volunteer programme. The evaluation should assess effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, internal and external coherence, impact and sustainability of the programme and outline lessons learned and gaps with a view to making recommendations for future strategic directions. All details are outlined in below Terms of Reference. We are anticipating an assignment between 20-25 days between  September/October 2021 and December 2021 to deliver outcomes as outlined in the Terms of  Reference.

  1. Format of quotation submission  

Tenders should be submitted in confidence to Nina Sachau, Executive Director,

The closing date for submissions is the 5th of September. Any tenders received after this time will not be considered. Tenders must include:

a) Cover letter (max. 1 page) indicating availability during the proposed evaluation timeframe.

b) Technical proposal (maximum 2,000 words) highlighting the consultant’s understanding of the  proposal and its objectives, the proposed methodology/timeline and work-plan.

c) Financial proposal providing detailed cost estimate including daily rates for the consultant(s) and VAT.  d) Up to date CV(s) which also include a telephone number and email address of consultant(s).

e) Examples of two relevant similar projects, including references that can be contacted as part of the selection process (following your approval).

Award criteria  

a) Bid submission by the deadline includes all documents as outlined in section 4.  b) Quality of the technical proposal.

c) Financial proposal reflects value for money.

d) Quality of previous projects.

e) CV(s) reflect significant experience in the global citizenship education sector and/or international development/volunteering sector and experience in designing and conducting inclusive,  participatory evaluations and organisational assessments.

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