The STAND Changemakers Academy

A Deep-Dive into Positive Change

Applications are now closed for 2023-2024 Changemakers Academy. If you are interested in applying for the 2024-2025 iteration of the programme please fill in the expression of interest form below. 

There are certain moments in history when all that was once known seems to shift beneath our very feet.  Now – 2023 – is one such moment. Climate breakdown, global conflict, mass migration, conflict, the housing crisis, the rise of the far right, the prevalence of homophobia, transphobia, aggression and division… it can feel as though our world is teetering on the edge, about to tumble.  

We can break its fall.  

The solutions we’ve relied on in the past are no longer sufficient. We need new ways to understand the complexity of global systems and to reimagine futures that work for the many – and not just the few. We need to disentangle ourselves from divisive narratives and misinformation, and find ways to communicate across differences.  

And we need people who are courageous. Who are not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge the status quo.

Who have the confidence, skills and connections to think differently, act creatively and work collectively, rooted in values of solidarity and justice




That’s why we’ve launched the STAND Changemakers Academy.

The STAND Changemakers Academy is all about equipping you with the confidence, skills and hands-on experience to be advocates for global justice and catalysts for positive change.

Run throughout the academic year from November to March, this is our deepest and most immersive yet. You’ll join 22 other ambitious participants from across the globe to understand the root causes of global inequalities and find your path to bringing about change. 

Together, we’ll: 

  • dive into the depths of global development and systems thinking, critically examine your own perspectives, and build skills in solidarity-focused activism, advocacy and leadership
  • take part in experiential training workshops, engage in one-to-one mentoring, and connect with grassroots campaigning groups and industry professionals alike
  • put learnings into action by working on real-world challenges in partnership with an external non-profit or social impact organisation
  • And you’ll join a diverse, passionate and engaged community – and growing movement – of changemakers, activists and future leaders from around the world.  

Each of our learning strands will feature facilitators from a variety of backgrounds.

We are proud to collaborate with our associate partners Jigsaw and Global Minds at the University of Limerick for the wellbeing & cross-cultural competency aspects of the programme.


Module 1 – Global Perspectives:

Dive deep into the root causes of global challenges and immerse yourself in diverse perspectives on social change, development and systems thinking. Engage in illuminating biases workshops that will broaden your worldview and challenge your understanding of the world. 

Module 2 – How Change Happens & Leadership:

Analyse powerful approaches and strategies that ignite transformative change, from grassroots activism and community organising to advocacy and policy reform. Experience collaborative leadership models that foster collective action, inclusive development and long-term solutions. 

Module 3 – Skills and Tools:

Equip yourself with the essential skills needed to drive impactful projects. Develop expertise in project management, media skills, and fundraising and more, empowering you to drive change effectively. 

Module 4 – Design Thinking:

Embrace innovation and empathy through our engaging Design Thinking strand. Collaborate with our network of Community Partners, a diverse mix of non-profits and grassroots organisations, as they present real-world challenges for you to tackle. 

Module 5 – The Road Ahead:

Navigate your future with confidence and clarity as you hone networking skills, explore diverse career options, and uncover areas of personal interest that align with your passion and purpose. 

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