Meet the STAND societies on campuses throughout Ireland! If you’d like to start a society on your campus, let us know! Keep reading for more info on what a STAND society is, how you can form one, and who we’re looking for.

MU STAND Society

MU STAND Society



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TCD Suas Society



Start a STAND Society!

STAND Societies provide a space on your campus to bring together students who have a passion for justice and equality. Society members have the opportunity to explore the biggest challenges facing the world today, to connect with like-minded people to bring about positive change in the world, and to develop personal and professional skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Take a stand for justice + equality on campus by starting your own student society!

-Get free advocacy training

-Create a network of activists

-Hold important events on campus that change hearts + minds!

-Get support from STAND all year-round

Why start a STAND society on your campus? 

Two former committee members of STAND societies, Liam & Kate, want you to know why you should have a STAND society on your campus. 

For me, getting involved in a STAND Society can help make you feel like you’re actively making a difference in the world which is something that unfortunately has become harder and harder to do. Getting involved in a committee can help provide amazing opportunities to learn about various things from key global issues to logistics how to run a committee and much more. While many other societies have no support we have a national organisation behind us who always have our back and help take off a lot of the burden of running a society and this helps empower us to be the best we can be. Please get involved, you won’t regret it!


MU President STAND Society

I think there should be a STAND society on every campus because it is a place to allow people to learn without expectations. We don’t expect anyone to join our committee and know everything there is to know about justice and inequality but we want to be there to help you on your own journey to discover why these things matter to you and how they affect the world around you. I think being part of the committee would not only be good for individuals but for the campus as a whole as it is a place people can grow their understanding and give everyone a great basis for an interest in justice and equality issues. 


DCU Vice-Chair


As part of a STAND Society, you might host events such as:

  • Activism workshops 
  • Panel discussions
  • Talks with guest lecturers
  • Media and communications workshops 
  • Networking events
  • Awareness raising events

But the choice is yours!

STAND societies can also avail of our full programme of training and events, including the STAND Student Festival, Global Issues, The Ideas Collective and STAND News


Step 1: Register your interest

Step 2: Receive your STAND Society Manual

Step 3: Follow campus procedures for setting up a society

Step 4: Receive training from the STAND team

Step 5: Take action on campus!



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