Ebere Edeh

Ebere was no stranger to activism before joining the Ideas Collective in 2023. She protested for climate change, for Palestine, the Black Lives Matter movement, and many other global issues. Furthermore, Ebere has acted as Student Ambassador for Maynooth University, where she studies Law, and worked for two years for the Law Society, as Timekeeper, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Vice Auditor. However, it was her involvement with STAND that allowed her to look within and reflect on her journey as a changemaker. “I've always stood up for social and human rights, but I've never had the space to nurture my interests and piece together what I'm passionate about. STAND has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and explore the activism space. I learned so much about myself because throughout the programme we reflected before creating and innovating,” she says. 

Ebere’s project focuses on raising awareness about intersectionality in universities and the challenges students coming from intersectional backgrounds face. She states: “My goal is for everyone to be aware of the societal barriers that may hinder students access to quality education and to do something about it.”  For Ebere, the community created during the Ideas Collective was one of the best parts of the programme: “As young people, we often don't have spaces to connect and discuss certain issues freely and I think STAND does a great job in nurturing these spaces.” 

Presentation and communication skills were explored in-depth by Ebere and her cohort during the Ideas Collective, but she also mentions advancing interpersonal skills, especially empathy: “Generally, I think that if you’re into social justice you have empathy. But the empathy I discovered during the programme is more nuanced, it’s about relating to people and learning to present your ideas in a clearer way.” 

With the knowledge she acquired during the Ideas Collective, Ebere developed and delivered an intersectionality workshop in Maynooth University during the Inclusivity & Diversity Festival.  

Ebere’s involvement with STAND continued after her participation in the Ideas Collective, as her application to join the Student Advisory Panel was successful. For her, students can make a change in the world by being proactive – her goal is to help and advocate for what she believes in. “It’s easy to be a bystander, but it’s more beneficial to be in the frontline of change.”