Our Impact

Learn more about how we are mobilising third level students to stand up for global justice, equality and sustainability.

2023 in numbers




Students engaged through the STAND Student Festival.


Participants in our online network.


Students reached through 16 outreach events.


Participants attended 13 tailored skills building workshops.


Students completed the STAND Global Issues courses.


Partnerships for impact (including non-profit organisations, networks, social enterprises and HEIs across Ireland, EU and Global South)


Participants and alumni at our first ever Annual Retreat in Dublin.

Our Impact


We reached more than 135,000 people through our ‘Inspire’ strand, through our Festival, online engagement and outreach work.   

dancers at festival launch

The STAND Festival made it to 15 campuses during the 2023–2024 academic year, reaching 20,000+ students and engaging 1,043 participants at festival events. 16 additional events were hosted by students themselves and these were attended by approximately 280 students. 

Festival campuses include: National College of Art & Design (NCAD), Trinity College Dublin (TCD), University College Dublin (UCD), University College Cork (UCC), Dublin City University (DCU), Maynooth University (MU), University of Galway (UG), TUS Athlone, Mary I Limerick, TUS Moylish, University of Limerick, TUS Clonmel, Carlow College, Carlow SETU, and Mary I Thurles campus. 

We have 15,000+ social media followers, newsletter subscribers and members of our online network.


We had 445 participants take part in our ‘Educate’ strand activities including our Global Issues courses, workshops and trainings. 

Participants engage in activity during the Winter School

Participants reporting increased level of understanding, skills and/or changed attitudes.


Students completed the STAND Global Issues courses run in Autumn and Spring 


bespoke workshops and trainings engaged 280 participants.


Course participants report increase in understanding of the root causes and consequences of global injustices. 

Quotes & testimonials

"I enjoyed how the course was structured-the time and patience each facilitator took to relate the material to everyone, understanding we are coming from various backgrounds academically, socially and culturally" – Global Issues participant, Spring 2023 

"The highlight of the course for me was the opportunity to learn about a diverse range of global issues and the interconnectedness of these issues." - Global Issues participant, Spring 2023 

"Charlotte delivered our workshop today and it was excellent! So informative, engaging, and really thought provoking. Charlotte had an excellent presentation style that kept us all engaged." - Participant on ‘Psychology of Activism’ workshop 

The course exceeded my expectations. Each week, I left feeling motivated. Despite the exploration of challenging topics like migration, and climate change, ways on how to make change were depicted through really engaging methods, making it easier to digest new information and understand new concepts

Global Issues participant, Autumn 2023


92 students took part in our ‘Activate’ strand programmes, including STAND News, the Ideas Collective and the STAND Changemakers Academy. 


students taking informed action as a result of their participation


active contributors joined the STAND News programme in 2023, with 83% of them reporting an increase in their ability to make local to global connections on justice issues. 


of Ideas Collective participants report an increase in their confidence and capacity to take action


Participants from 16 different nationalities were accepted onto the inaugural STAND Changemakers Academy

Quotes & testimonials

"Looking back, the Ideas Collective was a profound personal journey. It taught me the power of empathy, the importance of collaboration, and the immense potential for positive change." - 2023 Ideas Collective participant 

"The advice and support from everyone played a huge role in the development of my project. The way that everyone was different, and were knowledgeable in different skillsets, meant that many of the problems we faced could be easily resolved when we worked together.’" - 2023 Ideas Collective participant 

"One aspect of my experience of the Changemakers Academy that stands out to me is the sense of community and collaboration among participants. I've found the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals incredibly rewarding, and it has enriched my learning experience."  - 2023 Changemakers Academy participant 

"I've come to understand the importance of confronting our inner demons and stepping out of the confines of our comfort zones to confront adversity head-on."  - 2023 Changemakers Academy participant 

I'm taking a much greater understanding of the process and tools required to take impactful actions and greater confidence in my ability to make a difference, coupled with a much broader understanding of global issues.

2023 Changemakers Academy participant
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