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In this piece for the 10,000Students Campaign #ImagineEquality, STAND News's Brianna Walsh talked to young men and women in Ireland about the impact of Ashling Murphy's murder.
In this episode, Shubhangi Karmakar (she/they) speaks about psychiatry, science communication, and advocacy for underrepresented groups, such as disabled persons and those in the LGBTQ+ community.
In this reflection for the 10,000Students Campaign #ImagineEquality, STAND News's Sibeal Devilly explores systemic gender biases and the ways in which they perpetuate violence against women.
In this podcast from the Irish Global Health Network, Ambassador Nicola Brennan talks about the policy priorities of the Irish government, how gender equality is firmly embedded in her team at the Embassy, what it is like to be a woman leader and her hopes for the future.
We talk to Dr Sadhbh Lee during our #ImagineEquality campaign about the intersection of climate, health, and gender.
In this piece for the 10,000Students Campaign #ImagineEquality, STAND News's Ellen Coburn makes connections between experiences of gender-based violence in Ireland and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
STAND News's Caoimhe O'Regan talks to Robert Ogugu about his experience participating in STAND's Ideas Collective programme and his grassroots public health awareness raising project in Kisii County, Kenya
We hear the word 'sustainability thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? In this piece from IT Carlow's Student Weekly, Aisling Stevenson reflects on her visit to Costa Rica.
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