Taking Under Wing: Seabird Conservation in Ireland

Taking Under Wing: Seabird Conservation in Ireland

Contributor Niamh Kelly shares insights from her interview with Fair Seas’ Sinead Loughran about the importance of biodiversity, the challenges posed by climate change, and how to get involved as a “citizen scientist”.

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Horror Movies and Gender Justice

Horror Movies and Gender Justice

STAND Student Festival’s Meghan Mickela shares a curated list of horror films that explore gender and subvert stereotypes for the 10,000 Students Campaign #GenderJusticeNow.

The UN: Compromise or Compromised?

The UN: Compromise or Compromised?

Louie Lyons reflects on the UN security council veto, examining it’s restrictive impact on the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria and the potential for change.

Contributor Niamh Kelly shares insights from her interview with @fairseasireland Sinead Loughran about the importance of #biodiversity, the challenges posed by #climatechange, and how to get involved as a "citizen scientist".

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As #COP27 discusses plans for future #climatechange related weather events, #STANDNews22 Contributor Patricia Gonzáles revisits the deadly floods that devastated the Sindh and Balochistan provinces of #Pakistan this year: https://buff.ly/3UkOZth

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Criomhthann writes about what he learned on three different Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training, and how to find opportunities for you or the groups you work with.
Criomhthann writes about Earth Overshoot Day and the recognition of the human right to a healthy environment by the UN General Assembly. Criomhthann also shares some groups who post about progress made in climate justice and opportunities to learn more and meet people interested in these topics in Ireland.
Niffy Olamiju reports on recent heat waves caused by the climate crisis and how they impact the struggle for climate justice.
Emily Murphy writes about our achievements in addressing some of the most prevalent climate issues in the recent past, and about maintaining hope in the face of the challenges we face today.
Louie Lyons discusses issues Irish Travellers face while trying to access all levels of education and ways we can fix our institutions to be more inclusive going forward.
Deepthi Suresh discusses the experience of women comedians from television shows like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to the perspectives of working comedians from Ireland to India and beyond.
STAND News & Comms Intern Criomhthann Morrison shares some thoughts following the IDEA Conference in June 2022, exploring how healthy conversations, critical reflection, and collaboration across sectors fits within global citizenship and the changing world we live in.
Niamh Kelly chats with Treasa Cadogan, United Nations Youth Delegate for Ireland for 2021-22. Treasa shares what led her to her current role, her experience as a young changemaker, and how other young people can get more active on what they care about.
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