Mother and Baby Home survivors failed by our state once again

The release of the long awaited mother and baby report earlier this year has been utterly harrowing. 9,000 babies died in the 18 institutions investigated, which is 1 in 7 of all children born. Roughly 56,000 mothers gave birth in these institutions up until they closed in 1998. The report, while informative, has been laced with controversies and miscommunication.

FKA Twigs and believing women

As a society, we often place the blame on female victims of abuse, asking them insensitive questions such as “Why didn’t you leave?” FKA Twigs shut down this question from multiple interviewers and rightfully asserts that this pushes a narrative that women are responsible for the abuse inflicted upon them.

What Biden’s executive orders mean for Transgender lives in America

President Joe Biden has made some essential changes to legislation brought in by Trump that negatively impacted the lives of transgender people in America. However, it is essential that work continues to be done to continue passing necessary legislation for transgender rights.

Why you should watch- It’s a Sin.

Shauna Regan gives her review of It’s A Sin in the context of British 80s queer history.

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