The status of women’s rights to personal autonomy today

Lucy Perrier presents a global analysis on the setbacks and advancements regarding abortion.

Shared Histories, Shared Voices: Ireland’s emphatic support for Palestine

Tara Dempsey explores the reasons behind the Irish people’s fervent support for the Palestinian cause.

What are the economic impacts of Javier Milei’s presidency?

Adam O’Neill Mayós on why libertarian Javier Milei’s success amongst Argentines in Ireland and beyond has turned Argentina into a macroeconomic experiment. 

March 8th Referendum: What you need to know

Eoin Ryan, STAND News Politics Editor, explains the March 8th Referendum, including information on what parts of the Constitution are being voted on and what the stances of major parties are.

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Has activism changed the standard of truth in journalism?

Has activism changed the standard of truth in journalism?

The digital age and calls for activism have seemingly become inseparable, with internet users increasingly utilising social media as a tool for accessing information and taking a stance on matters of global and political concern. These changes have prompted questions about whether or not there is room for activism in journalism.

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