Calling all changemakers!

Are you overwhelmed by the challenges facing us as a global community? Do you feel called to make a positive impact, but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to acquire the courage, creativity and skills to tackle pressing global issues?

Then the Ideas Collective could be for you.

The Ideas Collective is STAND’s summer boot camp for changemakers. We take students and recent graduates on a three-month journey of training, experiential learning and coaching to help you develop the mindsets, confidence and practical tools to develop action-focused projects for positive change.

Using human-centred design approaches, you’ll work individually and in teams to co-create innovative solutions to pressing global issues – from migration to climate justice, global health to gender equality.

You’ll leave with direct, practical experience applying design thinking methodologies for social innovation and global change, a supportive network, as well as the opportunity to win seed funding for your project. 

As we emerge from a global pandemic and face a future of further uncertainty, we need young people with the creativity and vision to imagine a better world – and the courage, skills and practical tools to take action. Your vision and talents are needed now more than ever. Join us to help shape a better future!

To receive an info pack for the 2022 programme, register your interest below. 

Who are we looking for?

We invite you to apply if you are:

Passionate about making a difference and having a social or environmental impact

Ready to adopt a practical learn by doing approach

Open to learning and applying creative thinking and innovation tools

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and be challenged

Motivated to take action

For a full list of eligibility requirements, check out the FAQ section!

You may be…

  • A volunteer, activist, campaigner or social justice advocate (or would like to be!)
  • A creative practitioner with a passion for sustainability or social causes 
  • Someone in a leadership role on your campus or within your student body 
  • A student or graduate of any discipline who’s keen to think outside the box and obtain the skills to make a real difference in society. 
  • In search of a supportive community and peer network to learn from and lean on throughout the journey. 

You’ll Experience… 

  • Workshops focusing on understanding the root causes and consequences of pressing real-world challenges
  • Dynamic, creative, action-focused approaches to understanding and generating solutions to social problems 
  • The opportunity to develop leadership skills and to work collaboratively as a team 
  • The space to work directly with your own personal life coach for the duration of the programme

You’ll leave with…

  • A greater sense of confidence and agency in your own capacity as a changemaker 
  • Practical tools and skillsets in the areas of human-centred design, creative thinking, social innovation, pitching and presenting
  • A supportive community of peers and professional network of mentors to lean on 
  • A Certificate of Completion as a Graduate of the Program, which can be added to your CV or LinkedIn profile

2022 Challenge Areas

This year, we’ll be working collectively in teams to tackle some of the following challenges

Women & Gender Equality 

Migration & Intergration 

Global Health 

Sustainable Cities

Climate Justice 

Discrimination & Stereotypes 

Past Participant Testimonies

I used to believe that we are too little to affect change. It was nice seeing people come with seedlings of ideas + them being welcomed + accepted as much as people whose ideas were more developed.

[You don’t] have to have all of the answers from the very beginning, instead I know now that you can find solutions to your problems along the journey!

Before I would have been scared to do anything and struggling to get started…but you do realise it’s a community where you can put yourself out there. My confidence [as an activist] grew huge amounts since this programme. 

Orla | Ideas Collective ’21

Rewild Your Mind

Aishah | Ideas Collective ’21

Recrowned Ireland

Gareth | Ideas Collective ’21

Unapologetic Magazine

Email [email protected] if you have any questions about the programme or the application process.