What are the training dates?

Summer 2021: Training will place over June, July + August, Summer 2021, dates TBC

What is the time commitment?

In addition to the online and in-person training, you will be expected to spend approximately 4 hours per week working on your project for the duration of the programme.

Where do the training weekends take place?

During the COVID-19 pandemic Summer 2020, training took place online.

For the 2021 programme, we’re hoping to return to in-person training.  The Ideas Collective workshops take place in The Fumbally Stables in Dublin City Centre. We use a central location that is accessible by bus, luas and train.  If we cannot go ahead with face-to-face training, we’ll move the programme online. 

We cover travel costs for those attending training from outside Dublin.

What happens at the training weekends?


Learning about global issues 

Participants will feel a better sense of understanding of the root causes & consequences of global poverty and inequality and will be able to think more critically about these issues.

Personal development

Participants can reflect on their own biases/ mental models, and can see the power they hold in the world and on making change. 

Participants have an understanding of how the design thinking process work, and can go away after weekend 1 with some next steps to take before the second training weekend.

Project topic development

Participants will have a clearer understanding of issues relating to their specific topic and feel confident in speaking / working on this issue going forward.

Introduction to design thinking

Participants can reflect on their own biases/ mental models, and can see the power they hold in the world and on making change. 

Participants have an understanding of how the design thinking process work, and can go away after weekend 1 with some next steps to take before the second training weekend.


Design thinking

Participants can develop their project further, taking into account the design thinking process.

Initial action plan 

Participants are able to draw up a draft action plan to help them move forward with their project development.


Leading and managing change

Participants feel empowered and confident in leading change through their project.

Marketing and engagement

Participants gain an understanding of how to engage their audience with their project and have obtained tips & tools on how to market their project for support and growth.

Media production

Participants gain practical experience in producing media content for their project.

Refining your project plan

Participants have the chance to reflect once more on their project plan and make refinements based on advice given through industry experts.

Pitching workshop

Participants are confident in developing a 4 minute pitch on their project and pitching it to a group of people.

Next steps

Participants have the opportunity to make an action list of things they plan to do after the final weekend to move their project forward.



How much does it cost?

Students €55 / Recent Grads €65 / Non-students €235

N.B This is a reduced rate given the current situation

What's included in the cost?
  • 45+ hours of training and workshops spread over three weekends during the summer (Jun, Jul, Aug) −  with lunch provided
  • Your own dedicated 1-to-1 coach for six months (Jun-Nov)
  • Talks by experienced entrepreneurs and experts
  • The chance to develop valuable personal and professional skills
  • Support and resources from STAND staff and their peers in the collective
Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible to participate in the Ideas Collective, you must:

Be resident in the Republic of Ireland.

Be enrolled in an Irish third-level institution OR be a recent graduate (up to 1 year)

Be able to participate in ALL group sessions.

Be able to commit at least 4 hours per week (excl workshops) to their project.

Be interested in exploring issues and projects from a global perspective.

Be prepared to take action for one of the award categories 

Be part of a group or be willing to take action individually

Have a detailed description of the action you wish to take

Can I take part as an individual or a group?

You can take part in the Ideas Collective either as an individual or as part of a group.

Groups can have up to 4 people max in them. 

What type of projects are eligible?
  • Projects that increase public awareness and engagement with a social or environmental issue. For example: articles, animations, podcasts, documentaries, events, fundraising, campaigns, petitions, etc.
  • Projects that deliver an innovative/ practical solution (product or service) to address a social or environmental issue. For example: technological solutions, website, hackathon, app, volunteering initiatives.
What are the project categories I can enter under?
  • Climate action
  • Inclusion + equality
  • Mental health

See more detail on that here.

What are the awards?





All Ideas Collective participants will be invited to the final pitching session and awards ceremony in September 2021.


Winners will be decided by judging panel.

Do I need to have an idea to enter?

If you don’t have an idea at this stage, don’t let that put you off. The first stages of the programme are about understanding your own personal development and what changes you can make in the world, while also learning about different global issues. If you start with an idea, it might change during this process anyway!

I’ve already started working on a project - is that ok?

Yes, that’s fine – though as we focus on early stage ideas you might want to work on a new dimension to your project, or use it as an opportunity to step back and assess if you’re on the right path.

Can I see examples of past projects?

You sure can. Check them out here.

How can I register my interest?

Applications of interest will open in Spring 2021.

Got further questions that aren’t answered here? Email mary@stand.ie