For so many of us today, clothing is something that we take for granted. With the panoply of fashion advertisements we find ourselves bombarded with on a daily basis, and the affordability of such garments for so many, we have come to regard the act of regularly updating our wardrobe as a necessity, rather than a luxury.

In his 2015 documentary film, The True Cost, director Andrew Morgan exposes the secrets of the fashion industry and the capitalist society in which we live. Featuring interviews with fashion designers, garment workers, economists, and environmentalists, Morgan implores his viewers to question how and where their clothes are produced, exposing the impact that the fast fashion industry is having on the lives of those manufacturing such garments, and the long-term environmental effects.

From genetically engineered cotton plants and the risks involved as a result of pesticide use, to the hazardous conditions within sweatshops themselves, The True Cost presents the reader with a variety of heart-wrenching personal tales from individuals involved in the production of their garments, dramatically juxtaposing harrowing scenes from hazardous garment factories with the extravagance and frivolity of the catwalk. This film hands the power back to the consumer, reminding its audience that they have the power to instigate change and overthrow this inhumane system, by simply choosing not to support this industry. The True Cost empowers the viewer, reminding them that the choices they make as consumers have the power the make a difference.


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