Now in its ninth year, the STAND Student Festival has been bringing award-winning photography and film to campuses across Ireland every Autumn. The festival is run by students, for students, with the aim of raising awareness about the burning issues shaping the world around us. The idea is to start conversations and empower students to enact change. 

The theme of this year’s festival is #GenderJusticeNow: From the Grassroots to the Global

The world has made huge strides towards the achievement of gender equality in recent years. More women than ever before have access to education, healthcare and opportunities in the workforce. LGBTQIA+ and gender-diverse people have won, and are continuing to fight for, expanded rights around the world. 

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The festival will be travelling to campuses across Ireland. Check out when we’ll be visiting your campus and find all kinds of ways you can get involved to bring about #GenderJusticeNow

26th September University of Galway

3rd October        University College Cork + National College of Art and Design

10th October      University of Limerick + SETU Waterford

17th October      Trinity College Dublin + TUS Clonmel

24th October      University College Dublin + Carlow College

31st October       Dublin City University

7th November    Maynooth University + SETU Carlow

14th November  TU Dublin + TUS Moylish

21st November  TUS Athlone

This Autumn join a movement of students around Ireland rising up for a just, equitable and sustainable world for all!

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#GenderJusticeNow Panel Discussion

Join the #GenderJusticeNow Panel Discussion to hear from experts and activists on Irish efforts that contribute to global gender justice.

This Autumn, the 10,000 Students Campaign, our joint awareness raising initiative in partnership with USI, supports the STAND Student Festival & exhibition. Our theme is a celebration of the collective efforts contributing to the achievement of gender equality, both locally and globally. This highlights the power of solidarity and collective action in combating gender inequality across a variety of intersecting areas.

STAND looks forward to learning about what “gender justice” means to each panelist and their contexts, the current state of gender justice in Ireland, what work is being done to make progress, and how this work fits into gender justice globally.

From the fight for sexual and reproductive rights, to the end of gender-based violence and the achievement of economic justice for women and gender minorities, this year’s festival celebrates the power of solidarity in bringing about change, and calls on us to continue to challenge inequality where we see it. 

Join us in standing up for #GenderJusticeNow. Take the pledge to become a Gender Justice Advocate, download your action pack, and join a movement of students around Ireland rising up for a just, equitable and sustainable world for all!

Past Exhibitions

Check out our previous exhibitions developed by students! Every year our outdoor exhibition travels to campuses around Ireland highlighting global justice issues.

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