This is a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of initiative. This will grab you. This will inspire you. This will leave you buzzing with narratives of change and embolden you to get out there and do things.  

Welcome to the STAND Student Festival 2023-2024 featuring Stories of Change


This year’s STAND Student Festival will visit 16 campuses across Ireland for a week at a time. The cobbles and concrete-scapes of the daily uni grind will glow up with an exhibition of real impact – stories from a real people making real social and environmental change… Some of whom are from your very own universities.  

Designed by students, for students, the festival is a rallying call to address the pressing issues that shape our world.

Our purpose is simple yet profound: ignite dialogues, kindle curiosity, and equip students with the mindsets and tools to become architects of change.  

Alongside the exhibition you will find interactive stalls and creative student activities to stimulate your imagination.  

Join us as we set the stage for conversations that matter.


Together we can imagine and create a fairer, more just world.

We are looking for students to help out at the STAND Student Festival. This can be helping staff our Info booth, engaging with students via our interactive games or helping to host various events. We’d absolutely love your support and you’ll get to be part of a team and have GREAT FUN into the bargain!

Read more Stories of Change from our STAND Festival Exhibition

Past Exhibitions

Check out our previous exhibitions developed by students! Every year our outdoor exhibition travels to campuses around Ireland highlighting global justice issues.

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