Rachel McGonigle

Rachel McGonigle

Programme Assistant Intern

Rachel is our current Programme Assistant Intern at STAND News. She is currently studying Applied Social Science in NUI Galway. Rachel is 22 and from Donegal but living in Galway City. She has been actively involved in STAND over the years including participating in and coordinating the Global Issues Evening Course and hopes to go on to study a MA in journalism with a deep focus on social justice and sustainable development. Her interests include volunteering in many university initiatives, sea swimming and reading. 

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Announcement culture: a 21st problem with an age-old solution

Announcement culture is a 21st century phenomenon that perpetuates our need to be constantly busy in order to have something to announce. We now have the tendency to judge our success and that of others on the quantity of announcements made rather than quality.

Root causes of the Israel-Palestine conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict is one that has dominated global news for decades. The tensions between both sides run deep and the world is divided in its support. However the situation is not as clear-cut as most people believe, and the timeline is much greater than many realize.

The Irish Language: Need for constitutional reform?

With the centenary of the Anglo-Irish Treaty later this year, it can be regarded as a fitting time to review provisions for Irish and other languages in our constitution. Both Irish and English are official languages of our country.


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