Unapologetic Magazine

Unapologetic is an interdisciplinary, cultural literary magazine that celebrates and champions marginalised voices who are on a journey of tackling social issues that affect us all in Contemporary Ireland. Founded by UL students Gareth Brinn and Sandrine Ndahiro, Unapologetic is about creating a medium that showcases the cultural richness of the multiple heritages defining contemporary Ireland and unrepresented in modern discussion. Seeing that these voices are absent, the project seeks to cherish them through celebratory and critical engagement, putting them in conversation with one another.

The Reclaim Project

The Reclaim Project is a creative community space for women and gender minorities who are challenging power abuse in the arts through creative collaboration. Founded by Molly Sterling in response to their own experience of abuse in the music industry, The Reclaim Project encourages multi-disciplinary collaborative arts projects centre the personal narrative of those with direct experience of abuse in the arts. Check out their latest campaign called Reclaiming the Narrative.

Recrowned Ireland’s Period Poverty Campaign

Recrowned Ireland aims to be a safe space for women to be comfortable, confident and aware. Through advocacy and outreach activities, Recrowned Ireland’s goal is to make a positive different in the lives of women, no matter the age, skin-tone or sexual preference. Through the Ideas Collective, Recrowned Ireland developed their Period Poverty Campaign, and designed three educational workshops on the topic of menstrual poverty globally.  

Divergent Brainpower: Wired for Brilliance

Divergent Brainpower is a platform raising awareness of neurodivergence in young people, recognising and celebrating the power of divergent thinking. Through advocacy, campaigns and workshops, Divergent Brainpower aims to combat stigma and support the achievement of SDG4 (Quality Education) for all people, everywhere.  

Removing Roadblocks from Direct Provision to Trinity

Information on grants and scholarships to access third level education is currently unclear and often complex. Access to such information is even more difficult for asylum seekers living in Direct Provision. In 2021 a group of TCD Students established Removing Roadblocks to address this problem. Through offering workshops and a peer-to-peer support programme for potential students living in Direct Provision, Removing Roadblocks sought to spread information about access routes to Trinity College Dublin and provide a network of supporting peers that will guide through the application process.

Rooted Resoultions

Rooted Resolutions is a Mental Health and Wellbeing service, providing Conflict Resolution and Wellbeing workshops for young people and corporate organisations.

We support individuals in understanding their thoughts, emotions and behaviours, and provide them with a tool-kit of strategies helping them to engage with interpersonal conflict in a constructive and positive way.

Preserve Ireland

While there are a lot of young people who care about the environment, Preserve Ireland felt like there was a vacant spot for a group that you could join and lend a helping hand for even just an hour or two. Preserve aims to provide a community for people to engage with and learn about helping with the environmental issues we face in Ireland. They aim to do this by providing a tapas like approach to environmental volunteering and education.Follow them on Instagram.

The Nu Wardrobe

In 2015 Aisling and Ali came to us with their idea for Nu – now an award-winning, innovative fashion community that seeks a sustainable, ethical alternative to the fast fashion industry. After spending the summer of 2013 in India with the Suas Volunteer Programme, Ali and Aisling were appalled by the poor working conditions of many garment workers there. They set up The Nu Wardrobe to create a community of people who believe there is a better way, a way of dressing that doesn’t harm our planet and doesn’t exploit millions of workers.

All Ireland Student Activist Network

Nils, Aine, Jessie and Deirdre knew that young people wanted to get involved with campaigning but lacked opportunities to share resources and experience. So they created a national network of young people, offering training and support to activists involved in environmental and social justice campaigns. The All Ireland Student Activist Network focuses on peer to peer learning and skill-sharing.

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