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Eight participants of the Changemakers Academy pose for a photo in nature
STAND Strategic Plan 2023-2027
Deep ocean, cover of the DEFY zine
The DEFY Collective Zine - The Story so Far
Going Global cover report
Going Global? Defining, Characterising and Constructing Global Citizenship Report, 2023
SNZ - STAND News Zine 2021

Annual Reports
around 30 people posing for a photo
2023 Annual Report
Participants do silly poses for the photo
2022 Annual Report
orange background with black lightbulb
2021 Annual Report
Purple background with drawing of a black hat
2020 Annual Report
cream background with black fist
2019 Annual Report
green background with festival symbol
2018 Annual Report
pink background with two laughing faces
2017 Annual Report
blue background with a black tree
2016 Annual Report
orange background with the planet in black
2015 Annual Report
Purple background with drawing of a black bird
2014 Annual Report

Evaluation Reports & Publications
Blue background with a white blob that represents integration
Volunteer Programme Reimagining Project Report
Blue background with a white magnifying glass
Evaluation Report 2021
Blue background with a white megaphone
Evaluation Report 2019
Blue background with four white arrows
Evaluation Report 2016
Blue background with a white head with a question mark
News Versus Newsfeed, The Impact of Social Media on Global Citizenship Education, 2017
Blue background with a white drop
National Survey of Third Level Students on Global Development Report, 2013

Financial Statements
Black background with cream graduation hat
Financial Statements 2023
Black background with purple world
Financial Statements 2022
Black background with pink festival symbol
Financial Statements 2021
Black background with orange tree
Financial Statements 2020
Black background with white lightbulb
Financial Statements 2019
Black background with green smile faces
Financial Statements 2018
Black background with blue fist
Financial Statements 2017
Black background with white sparkle
Financial Statements 2016
Black background with purple gender symbol
Financial Statements 2015
Black background with pink heart
Financial Statements 2014
Black background with orange flag
Financial Statements 2013
Black background with green eye
Financial Statements 2012
Black background with blue group of people
Financial Statements 2011
Black background with cream clog
Financial Statements 2010