Our Story

We have been delivering transformative educational programmes for third-level students and recent graduates since more than 20 years. We always listen to the needs of students and adapt to the changing societal contexts they live in. This is reflected in our story.

Our story begins in 2002 with the joint energy of a group of Trinity students, volunteers, and staff that formed Suas Educational Development.  

Ever since then we have been delivering transformative educational programmes, always listening to the changing global and social contexts and needs of each new generation and responding with new types of programmes.   

Our story includes an International Volunteer Programme, that trained over 1,200 student volunteers between 2002-2020 to work with local partners in Zambia, Kenya and India – a programme that was replaced in 2023 with the STAND Changemakers Academy, a new solidarity based leadership programme that responds to the needs of a new generation and harnesses the diversity that has developed across campuses in recent years. Our story also includes an Ireland based education programme that trained volunteers to support over 3,300 children from disadvantaged communities until 2021 when it joined forces with Camera Ireland to form Kinia, a new organisation.  

Suas Educational Development, trading as STAND since 2024

Reflecting the changes of the organisation we decided in 2024 to start trading as STAND.  For all those that might be sad to see Suas go, please be assured that Suas is not going anywhere, it is just a name change. Our past stays with us. We take the dedication, commitment, the energy, the community of people that has been forming since 2002 with us as we move forward. We value our community and love opportunities for bringing alumni back together with us.  

We continue to deliver our educational programmes to third-level students and recent graduates currently in Ireland, from across disciplines and across the world, mobilising them to stand up for global justice, equity and sustainability.   

We are Irish Aid’s strategic partner for providing non-formal GCE in the Higher Education Sector and receive funding from partners such as Concern Worldwide, Community Foundation, Erasmus Plus. We know that we can have a greater impact when working collectively and collaborate with partners both locally and globally to deliver our programmes.  

In 2023 we worked across 16 campuses, engaged 12,000 students across our Festivals and 540 students through our educational programmes, including Global Issues courses, tailored workshops, STAND News, Ideas Collective and Changemakers Academy.  

We also deliver a service contract where we facilitate the staff that delivers the Irish Aid Centre workshops. 

More About Us
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Our Approach

We deliver our educational programmes in times of intense polarisation and despair with the state of the world. We believe that these challenges don’t need education that just scratches at the surface and facilitates simplistic solutions.

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We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance. We believe that setting and maintaining standards is a key element in demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders, funders, and supporters. 

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