Our Approach

We deliver our educational programmes in times of intense polarisation and despair with the state of the world. We believe that these challenges don’t need education that just scratches at the surface and facilitates simplistic solutions.

Third-level students and recent graduates are navigating interconnected local and global challenges, and we know from our participants that there is particular concern about the climate and housing crisis, growing economic inequalities, conflict and migration. The recent rise in anti-immigrant sentiment in Ireland is spreading spread fear throughout our student network, many of whom are immigrants themselves or from diverse minority backgrounds.  

We provide learning spaces where participants can dig deep into understanding the complexity and root causes of social and environmental issues, where they don’t learn to polarise but learn to dialogue with each other across different perspectives and experiences, where they develop empathy, where they get a space to imagine alternative futures and stand up for what they believe in.  

We currently work across 16 Irish campuses and the diversity that has emerged across Irish campuses in the past 20 years, with students coming from different socio-economic, cultural backgrounds, from different gender and countries of origin, brings great strengths to the learning opportunities we can provide. 

Our Educational Approach  

In an increasingly fragmented world, we intentionally bring together very diverse groups of third level students and recent graduates to draw out the capacities, resilience and confidence to engage in the world. 

For us Global Citizenship is an active process of learning and challenging the status quo to ensure that the world is a just, equitable and sustainable place for all. We use creative and participatory methodologies to challenge people to look beyond simplistic solutions that avoid addressing the root causes of inequality. Instead, we connect diverse groups of third level students in safe and open spaces to learn from each other to:  

  • Better understand the global justice issues of the 21st century (including but not limited to climate change, unsustainability, racism, effects of colonialism, gender inequalities and unfair economic structures). We encourage students to probe the root causes of global power imbalances and to develop a sense of interconnectedness with people and nature across the planet. 
  • Develop skills and confidence to address global injustices through asking difficult questions, awakening capacities and resilience within, and imagining a different future. 
  • Act in solidarity, collaboration and community, working together to challenge the status quo and to contribute to the systems changes needed for a sustainable, equitable and just world. 

Our Values
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Global Justice

We are committed to unearthing and exposing the root causes of global injustice and inequity. We believe that global inequality is created and maintained through colonial histories, unfair and unsustainable economic practices and systemic inequalities. 

Through our education work, we strive to mobilise students to identify the root causes of these inequalities and to imagine and create a more sustainable, equitable and just present and future.

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We embrace the power of collaboration and know that we can have a greater impact when working collectively. We work to build partnerships with a diverse range of organisation, groups and stakeholders, both locally and globally, formally and informally. 

By fostering a culture of collaboration, we aim to amplify our impact, share knowledge and create synergies that drive positive change.

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We know that diversity brings great strength to any organisation. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion where people are valued, respected, and given opportunities to contribute at all levels. 

We take responsibility to ensure the way we work is informed and enlightened by people from various identities, perspectives and backgrounds.

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We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our work, and seek to adopt sustainable practices which recognise planetary and human limits. 

We use a sustainability lens to inform how we engage with others and maintain our organisation. 

We strive to adapt to changing contexts and environments to sustain the quality of our programmes.

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Critical Thinking

We take the responsibility to ensure we challenge assumptions, interrogate our approaches and seek multiple perspectives in order to develop and inform our practice. We encourage and base our work on curiosity, critical reflection and a commitment to evidence-based reasoning and practice. 

We are are informed both by robust academic research and pedagogies as well as the the lived experiences of the people we work with.

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We recognise the inherent global and local power inequalities and know that different groups experience different barriers to participate. 

We will take action to create equitable opportunities for participation in our organisation and our programmes to challenge these inequalities.

More About Us
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Our People

Get to know the people who drive our mission forward: The Student Advisory Panel, the STAND team, and our Board Members.

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Our Partners

We embrace the power of collaboration and partnership. We know that we can have a greater impact when working collectively.  

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