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STAND is an initiative of Suas Educational Development

STAND celebrates the power of ordinary people to change the world.

With us, third level students in Ireland can share ideas about standing up for justice and equality, learn more about global issues, and build action projects for positive change. 




A dynamic student-led journalism platform for readers to learn more about global issues while focusing on stories of justice, equality and international development


STAND’s summer bootcamp for changemakers! Join us for 3 weekends of training, collaboration and reflection to help you develop impactful action projects for social and environmental change… and be in with a chance to win seed funding!


The STAND Student Festival has been bringing award-winning photography and film to campuses across Ireland, with the aim of raising awareness about the burning issues shaping the world around us


Part time evening courses that explore the interdependent and unequal world in which we live, through a process of interactive learning, debate, action and reflection


Standing against
injustice and inequality in all its forms

People in Ireland and all over the globe are fighting for a more equal and just society. We are committed to sharing their stories and adding our voices to theirs.

Standing together
with those who are marginalised

Millions of people worldwide are facing intolerance and persecution, fleeing violence and war, living in poverty and dying of hunger. We are committed to showing solidarity with them.

Standing up
for a better, fairer world

Our actions have the power to change the world. We are committed to exploring the ways in which we can all come together as global citizens to take action for social and environmental justice.

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Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about STAND events and opportunities.